Old School Sorghum Festival
McDaniels School
McDaniels Crossroads, N.C.
October 15, 2016


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Were getting ready for another Sorghum Festival. Some of the early plantings have already been harvested and cooked into some mighty sweet sorghum.

Sorghum is a fantastic gift for the budding gourmet or anyone looking for a natural alternative sweetener. And if you grew up on sorghum and hot biscuits as an after school snack, a pint of sorghum is sure to bring back a trip down memory lane.

If you would like to purchase sorghum, please drop us a line at sorghumman@intrstar.net

We have pints available for $7.00 each. We can ship 4 pints of sorghum Priority Mail for a total of $40.00. If you would like more, 6 pints can be shipped for a total of $57.00. We only ship within the United States. Because of the high cost of postage, shipping smaller quantities can be expensive, but if you have a special request, please let us know.